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Research In-Progress

Global Financial Crisis: Is it Predictable or Manageable? (Book under consideration by Edward Elgar Publishers) Summer 2011.

“Globalization Of Islamic Finance: Myth Or Reality?” (with F. Perry) submitted to the NYU Journal of International Law & Policy, April 2011.

“The Impact of Corruption on the Development of Latin American Oil and Gas Dependent Countries” (with F. Perry and K. Dairabayeva), to be submitted to The Journal of Business Ethics in Summer 2011.

“Income Disparity: A Determinant The Inward Flow Of FDI?” (with J. Campino) to be submitted to the Rand Journal of Economics on Summer 2011.

“Using Payment Systems Development in the Banking Sector as a Key Indicator for a Financial Soundness Index”, (with A. Kulathunga) to be submitted to the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking in Summer 2011.

“Foreign Exchange Asset Class Reallocations for Global Wealth Management Following the U.S. Financial Crisis”, (with S. Nasypbek) to be submitted to the Journal of International Money and Finance in Summer 2011.